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Mixed Reality

“Experience the impossible with the Holograms powered by the Mixed Reality”

Mixed Reality is still an emerging technology which is still making its place in the Digital World. Digital Holograms is a revolution in the field of interactive technology. With Mixed Reality, the users can experience the unreal as a real object by breaking all the boundaries between the real and CG objects.


Infinito is a creative hub with experts possessing artistic excellence and ace technical skills to design the MR apps and content with unmatched quality. Mixed reality requires state of art infrastructure to project Holographic image with 3600 view in multiple locations at the same time. Microsoft Hololens enhances the experience by reinstating the original situation with a visionary in simulated environment. The best part of this technology is that everyone feels the hologram as the real environment.

With a huge scope, mixed reality is making its way into a range of business sectors by creating a difference in the way they operate. The health care and the Training related sectors are the most rewarded with this technology. All the surgical procedures can be handled and guided from multiple location with Holograms.

“To Implement the revolutionary concept and enhance your ROI, join your hand with Infinito”